Zeynep Turudi Zeynep Turudi

  • Founder and Owner of Truede Ltd.
    Founder and Owner of Mistik Spa
    Co-founder London Global Marketing Consultancy
    Board member of London Strategic House.
  • United Kingdom


Zeynep Turudi Founder and owner of Truede Ltd, Mistik Spa, Co-founder London Global Marketing Consultancy, Board member of London Strategic House.

Zeynep Turudi Founder and owner of Truede Ltd, Mistik Spa Ltd, Co-founder London Global Marketing Consultancy. Zeynep Turudi has been named ‘The Most Successful Entrepreneur’ of the year by the London based Business Network Organisation in 2011, and fully lives up to this honour in her role as a judge at the ‘Most Successful Turks Awards.’ Zeynep Turudi’s personal entrepreneurial success is inspiring. She left a Science Engineering degree at Coventry University to found her own company in 2003.

Turudi maintains a passionate dedication to environmental issues and health-consciousness. Truede uses all natural flavours in its Turkish Delight confections. Turudi is also committed to supporting the efforts of fellow female entrepreneurs worldwide. She served as a speaker in several conferences empowering women entrepreneurship including at the International Women’s Entrepreneurs’ Forum (IWEF) where she also is a Board member and in her capacity as one of the project’s advisors. Held in Istanbul in February 2013, the forum gathered together women entrepreneurs from various countries to interact commercially and socially to share their knowledge, skills and experience. The forum was held under the auspices of the Economic Minister & Family & Social policies Ministry, together with foreign presidents and ministers.

Turudi was invited by the Embassy of USA to participate  as part of a special IVLP International Visitor Leadership Programme, ‘A New Beginning Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation.’ with 32 business delegates from 32 countries in 2011. Participants met with leading American entrepreneurs, business executives and government officials across five different states and social entrepreneurship communities around the world. The programme was organised by the US Department of State, Bloomberg Government & EO ‘Entrepreneurs Organisation.’ At IVLP, Turudi represented both her own business and her country, standing up as an example of  business success. Within her own business and overseas, as a manager and as a mother.




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